Peanut Curry Noodles or my very loose interpretation of Pad Thai


I love Asian food. And coconut milk. And peanuts. So why not throw them all together, make a dish out of it and be reminded of exotic places in the middle of Berlin winter?! I gave it a try and I’m quite happy about the result. It’s got a nice texture and will leave you warm and full of memories or dreams about the sun, traveling and foreign destinations.

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Quick Curry-Peanut-Dressing

Curry Peanut Dressing (6)

Today, there’s only a kind of quick’n’dirty easy basic recipe. As it’s summer, I’m having more and more salads – a light, healthy but filling lunch that doesn’t make you tired and gives you enough energy for the rest of your work or school day (or weekend ; )).

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Snickers Spread or a healthy, vegan, peanut-infused version of Nutella


Ever wanted to get rid of your Nutella/chocolate spread addiction? You don’t have to, cause here’s the healthy, vegan, easy, 3-ingredient little sister of the popular breakfast spread. Plus, this one even contains peanuts, which turns it into a Snickers-like treat. If you aren’t a big fan of peanuts, you’ll find plenty of other nut butters to choose from in organic or wholefood stores, for example cashew, almond or hazelnut butter. Just make sure you don’t pick the classy “peanut butter” with added sugar and oil – better go for an all-natural one that only contains nuts and sometimes a bit of sea salt. In Germany the natural ones are called “Nussmus” (nut mousse) instead of butter.

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