nahswDuring my work at the Albert Schweitzer Stiftung für unsere Mitwelt, I publish posts and articles mainly about the vegan diet and health topics (and formerly about fish and crustaceans) in German. I work in the Wissenschaftsressort (‘science department’), where we strive to work according to scientific professional standards to provide reliable information about animal rights, animal welfare, factory farming and vegan nutrition. Check it out!

Articles on the foundation’s main site

  • Fleischalternativen im Test: Meist gesünder als Fleisch (2017). The article about our first big study comparing meat alternatives with actual meat products, conducted by IFANE institute for us. Here’s the English summary on the blog.
  • Update: Position der A.N.D. zur veganen Ernährung (2016). The world’s biggest nutritionist and dietitian network updated their paper on vegan and vegetarian diets after withdrawing it a few months before. Now it’s better than ever!
  • Vitamin-B12-Bluttest: Wer muss zahlen? (2016). One of my favourite works and topics – B12! Who has to pay and why if you get your values checked at the doctor’s?
  • Veganfreundliche Krankenkassen – gibt es das? (2016). A little overview comparing different German health insurances and especially looking at vegan friendly providers.
  • Linsen gegen Fleisch: Was ist besser? (2016). Spontaneous article comparing the nutrients of lentils and beef to further explain a Facebook picture we posted earlier.
  • Fleischalternativen bei Ökotest (2016, co-work). I did the research for this rational persepective on a magazine article about ‘oh so bad’ meat alternatives – they’re not that bad after all and definitely help transition, stay or be happy on a vegan diet ;)
  • Soja: gesund oder ungesund? (2016). A rational view on health topics related to soy consumption. Enjoy Soy!
  • DGE-Position zu veganer Ernährung (2016). My comments on the official position paper of the German nutrition association (DGE) about vegan nutrition.
  • Vitamin B12 bei der Blutuntersuchung (mit Download, 2016). Useful fact sheet for your next blood work at the doctor’s: All you need to know about getting your vitamin B12 tested.
  • WHO stuft Wurst als krebserregend ein (2015). Our statement regarding the WHO declaring processed meat as carcinogenic.
  • Living Blue Planet: Meere in Gefahr (2015). An article about the new report by WWF about the current (bad) state of the oceans and marine animals and plants.
  • Paleo: Die Steinzeiternährung (2015). A short overview about the Paleo diet, from a vegan animal-rights, sustainability and health perspective.
  • A.N.D.-Position zur veganen Ernährung (2015). A review of the recently published position on vegan and vegetarian diets by the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • Keime in Fleisch und Antibiotikaresistenzen (2015). A text about antibiotic-resistant bacteria and germs in meat, referring to a report by the EU agency EFSA.
  • Zukunftsdialog Agrar und Ernährung (2015, together with my colleague Konstantinos Tsilimekis). An article about our experiences at the Zukunftsdialog event of the magazine ‘Zeit’.
  • Günstig vegan (2014). My tips for a healthy and do-able vegan diet on a budget, concerning shopping, recipes and ingredients.
  • Vegan gesund (2014). A detailed text about vegan nutrition, important nutrients, official statements about the vegan diet, its protective and curing impact on common diseases and what to consider when getting your blood tested.
  • Laktoseintoleranz und Milcheiweißallergie (2014). An introduction to lactose intolerance and milk protein allergy, linked animal welfare issues and plant-based alternatives to milk and dairy products.
  • Leben Vegetarier ungesund? (2014). An article about a study recently published by the university of Graz, Austria, stating that vegetarians are less healthy than meat-eaters. I talked to nutrition expert Dr. Markus Keller and had a closer look at the study myself.
  • Krebstiere (2014).  Our fundamental article on crustaceans like shrimps, crabs and lobsters and associated welfare issues as well as plant-based alternatives.

On our Vegan Taste Week blog

Other sites & print


  • My cooking video for the Vegan Taste Week about baked tofu, potato gratin and scrambled tofu.

  • How to make a basic vegetable stir fry, zucchini noodles with cashew sauce and cabbage carpaccio.

  • Desserts – vegan whipped ‘cream’, Mousse au Chocolat and the simplest ice cream ever.

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