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Here, you’ll find posts about mixed things related to the vegan lifestyle.

Vegan Lisboa – eating vegan in Lisbon


Happy New Year! I’m gonna start the new year with a long overdue post: Eating vegan in Lisbon. About six weeks ago, I went there for work for five days. Continue reading >


“Vegan in Vegas” or eating vegan in the US


I’ve just got back from the US recently: My fifth trip to the States, but my first time as a vegan. Continue reading >


Veganskt Sverige – eating vegan in Stockholm.

Stadshus view

Recently, I’ve been to Stockholm for a week, and I just wanted to share the wonderful food I had there with you. Continue reading >


Support medical progress & my first half-marathon.


Hey there – this time, it’s not a recipe, but a really important thing to me. Read below how you can support me, animals and medical progress at the same time. Continue reading >

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