“Vegan in Vegas” or eating vegan in the US

I’ve just got back from the US recently: My fifth trip to the States, but my first time as a vegan. Similar to my Stockholm post, I wanna share with you my best meals, some nice pictures and tips for those of you who live in or travel to the States soon.

I stayed for a total of 2,5 weeks in Orlando, San Diego and Las Vegas, and all in all, it wasn’t difficult to eat vegan. People were always so friendly and a lot of waiters even went to ask in the kitchen if my chosen dish was actually vegan. I noticed that a lot of restaurants and bars have a hummus dish on their menu, and I usually went for that…


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Veganskt Sverige – eating vegan in Stockholm

Recently, I’ve been to Stockholm for a week, and I just wanted to share the wonderful food I had there with you.

Although I can’t say that much about the whole ‘vegan scene’, Sweden seems quite a nice place for people with allergies. A lot of dishes and products are marked as ‘gluten-/lactose-/dairy-/nut- or soy-free’ in restaurants, hotels or shops. Nobody frowns upon you if you ask what’s exactly in your food, and if someone looked a bit puzzled when I said ‘vegan please’, I just explained that I’d like my food vegetarian, dairy- and egg-free, simple as.


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Support medical progress & my first half-marathon.

[German version below]

Hey there – this time, it’s not a recipe, but a really important thing to me. Read below how you can support me, animals and medical progress at the same time.

layout_index_r3_c1As I’m going to run my first half-marathon on the 30th of March and recently, a case of a brain tumor occured in my own family, I had the idea to combine the run with collecting some money for a good cause.
Most of the research institutions are conducting animal testing and I – even though I absolutely appreciate the rest of their work and what they do for their patients – don’t wanna support that. At the same time, I wanna support medicial research, so I’ve decided to go for the Doerenkamp-Zbinden Foundation. This Swiss foundation supports the scientific improvement and development of alternatives to animal testing and even has some chairs at several universities. I’m actually collecting moeny for a chair at a university in Tamil Nadu, India, the “Gandhi-Gruber-Doerenkamp Chair for Alternatives to the Use of Animals in Life Science Education and In Vitro Toxicology”. That matches perfectly, than as some of you know, I especially love Asia. Read more about the project on the project site and about the Doerenkamp-Zbinden Foundation here.

So click here to get to my Betterplace donation site and make your donation with only a few clicks.

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Roundup: Cake Sale, Christmas & New Year’s


Oh, it’s been a while since my last post… The last weeks have been busy and exciting – my first cake sale at the Voodoo Market, Christmas preparations and actually going home for Christmas, moving in with my boyfriend, New Year’s and then I’ve been off to a week of snowboarding in Austria. Well, to sum it all up, here are some pretty pictures for you.

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It took 25 years, but better late than never: My first vegan birthday!

Here it is, the all-vegan birthday cake buffet and two-course dinner for my family and friends at my home-home (Fauerbach, near Frankfurt, my parents’ home and where I grew up). No big new recipes, sorry, but I wanted to share these lovely photos with you – maybe they motivate you to celebrate a vegan birthday as well : ) (If you wanna read more about my way to veganism, click here.)

It really took some time to do the research, decide about the recipes and what kind of food I wanted to make. It needed some planned shopping at different places cause I can’t buy all the fancy vegan things at my home-village like I can do in Berlin. And it required some patience to convince my parents that I will have a vegan birthday, and would – more importantly – turn their kitchen into a crazy mess for two days…

But the one and a half days of shopping and preparing, most of the time together with my Mum, were fun and even relaxing (as I mentioned in a previous post, preparing food is like a relax therapy for me).

I had about 15 people around over the day and we started with a cake buffet. This is the Triple C with a simple frosting made of margarine, icing sugar and raspberry syrup plus blueberries…


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