My 2nd vegan birthday: Still lovin’ cakes!


Browsing through my drafts, I noticed that I haven’t shared my birthday pictures on the blog yet – so here you are!

After my first vegan birthday last year, I celebrated my second vegan birthday (and my 26th ‘real’ birthday) at home again. After a wonderful house party in Berlin, where I was so busy chatting, mingling and having fun that I didn’t even take pictures (I thought that’s impossible!), I went back home to my parents’ and had some friends and family over for cake and dinner. See below what I cooked and baked…

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Just another Guacamole recipe


I know, I know – there are like one trillion of Guacamole recipes on the internet, and most of them are even vegan. This one’s my favourite one though, and as I love eating Guac and taking pictures of it, I’m gonna share it with you. Grab a ripe avocado and in like three minutes, you’ll have the freshest and yummiest snack/dipping sauce/nacho sauce/bread spread/green ketchup/condiment etc. Enjoy!

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“Chickpea Cocktail” or the plant-based alternative to Tuna Sandwich and Shrimp Cocktail


This is one of my favourite recipes for summer and after-work food – easy, quick, healthy and yummy. After reading this, I had to create my own chickpea dish and try out different styles: as a salad (light dinner!), on a sandwich (fake Tuna style!) and as a filling for lettuce wedges (crispy fingerfood!). The nori algae gives it some sea-ish flavour, the fresh veggies make it light and healthy, the soy-yoghurt does the creaminess.

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Vegan Cocktail Sauce


Another simple and easy standard recipe today: Vegan cocktail sauce. Usually, store-bought cocktail sauce is stuffed with yoghurt, cream and sometimes egg, but this one is free from additives and plant-based. It’s whipped up in three minutes and tastes great with raw veggies or crackers as a dipping sauce, with cooked potatoes as a kind of sour-cream and with all kinds of tofu and barbecue items – perfect summer sauce, I’d say!

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