Snickers Spread or a healthy, vegan, peanut-infused version of Nutella


Ever wanted to get rid of your Nutella/chocolate spread addiction? You don’t have to, cause here’s the healthy, vegan, easy, 3-ingredient little sister of the popular breakfast spread. Plus, this one even contains peanuts, which turns it into a Snickers-like treat. If you aren’t a big fan of peanuts, you’ll find plenty of other nut butters to choose from in organic or wholefood stores, for example cashew, almond or hazelnut butter. Just make sure you don’t pick the classy “peanut butter” with added sugar and oil – better go for an all-natural one that only contains nuts and sometimes a bit of sea salt. In Germany the natural ones are called “Nussmus” (nut mousse) instead of butter.

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Crunchy Banana Almond Granola

Holy Granola! After spending two weeks in the States this year, I’ve asked myself: How can Germans live without Granola? We do have our “Knuspermüsli”, but this definitely doesn’t keep up with the awesomeness of a good Granola and the choice you have in the U.S. Unfortunately, most of the granola or Knuspermüsli you can buy at the supermarket is filled with refined sugars or syrups, non-vegan ingredients like honey and lactose, or just a rip-off with too few quality nuts. This calls for a home-made Granola recipe, just as crunchy and delicious as it should be, but vegan and healthy.

DSC_0477 Kopie

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Purple Cereal-Mousse-Custard-Shake-Muesli-Whatever


I was asking myself how to name this creation of a breakfast dish I have almost every morning – I think the actual name sums it up best: It’s richer than a shake, creamier than a muesli, healthier than custard and crunchier than mousse. So just try it and enjoy how good it is for you – and if you find a suitable name for it, please let me know ; )

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