Vegan in Dresden

Vegan in Dresden5

Dresden, you beautiful place! Last weekend, my boyfriend and me spent a spontaneous weekend trip at Dresden, the capitol of Saxonia, just 180 km away from Berlin. We packed our little bags, threw our bikes in the back of the car and enjoyed the hottest weekend for a long time in this adorable historic city (ok, we did pre-book our Airbnb room a few days before, but for my standards, this was a very spontaneous trip ;)). We were really amazed about the vegan options Dresden (especially the part called Neustadt) has to offer, so I wanna share a few little pics with you.

Vegan in Dresden4

First lunch after arriving – delicious wrap with soy mince and vegetables, nachos and salsa at Roots, a cute vegan and vegetarian burger and wrap place down Louisenstraße. The menu had a lot to offer, they support local farmers and bakeries. Thumbs up!

Vegan in Dresden1

Sorry for the bad pictures, it was already dark when we had our dinner at Falscher Hase, a 100 % vegan alternative place with various meals from burgers and sandwiches to soups, salads and classic three component meals. Also located in Dresden Neustadt. We enjoyed a starter plate for two (right picture) with Krautsalat, feta and olive salad, homemade dips, potatoes, different breads and potato salad. Wow! My main course was bulgur with gyros, chick peas and tsatsiki, my boyfriend had a burger. The portions were definitely enough and I liked their variety of local and Berlin beers.

Vegan in Dresden2

Breakfast at Tanteleuk – yummy bagel with spread, veggies and lettuce. The seats on the balcony were so nice and we loved their selfmade tiles with this bug and other animals. They also serve vegetarian and ham sandwiches, but offer a few vegan options. Also on Louisenstraße.

Vegan in Dresden

Asian dinner at Chay Viet on Alaunstraße, a little Vietnamese restaurant serving lots of vegan and some meat options. We had summer rolls (of course!) and two curry dishes with fake duck. The latter was quite ‘exciting’ – it really tasted like duck and even had a crispy crust around it. Scary and yummy at the same time ;)

Vegan in Dresden3

My first plate of about five at Café v-cake brunch, Rothenburger Straße. The brunch was very rich and had a lot to offer from sweet cereal to fruit, tofu, fake meat and cheese to hearty spreads, salads and warm dishes. The owners were so nice as well. It’s all vegan and the cakes and tarts on display looked lovely, too. Definitely recommending paying them a visit!

Vegan in Dresden6

Up at Schloss Eckberg we almost accidently crashed the former Saxonian minister’s birthday party, but luckily, we were allowed to at least check out the view from up there. Dresden, you’ve been wonderful!

Vegan in Dresden8

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9 thoughts on “Vegan in Dresden

  1. We’re going to Dresden next week, so your recommendations have come at the right time! It’s always difficult to find places that serve both vegan and other options for non-vegans. Thanks for the tips.

  2. I spent my August in Dresden and lived in Neustadt. Absolutely amazing, so good for vegans. There are so many kinds of tofu in the stores. They are chia pudding and açai bowl in Erbsalon caffe ( Maybe you wanna check that out as well.) Unforgettable.

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