Vegan Lisboa – eating vegan in Lisbon


Happy New Year! I’m gonna start the new year with a long overdue post: Eating vegan in Lisbon. About six weeks ago, I went there for work for five days. Even though it was autumn there as well and the weather kept changing, we managed to catch some sun – and eating vegan wasn’t a problem either! It’s a beautiful city and people are very friendly. This is quite a short post as I didn’t have particularly fancy food all the time, but I wanna show and encourage you to eat vegan on holiday or trips abroad, even when you don’t speak the language :)


The journey started with the meal on the TAP plane – a bit loveless and a weird combination, but at least they had a vegan options and it was quite nicely seasoned: beans, rice, turnip cabbage and shredded carrot with bread and pear. Especially the last two items made me think: Why do you have to wrap up a single slice of bread? And why do you have to get a pear, slice it, add lemon juice to prevent it from turning brown and then put it in plastic packaging, compared to having a single pear on its own for everyone? If anyone knows the regulation that justifies this procedure please let me know…


Always important when you’re traveling: Stocking up on snacks! I love the British Tyrells veg crisps, especially beet root, and managed to find a nice whole-grain chocolate bar and some sugar-free crackers. And of course, my basic fruit banana and apple (I got that from my mum – since I was little, I got at least one apple and one banana everyday ;)) and some satsumas for the winter vibe.


The hotel we stayed in, Sheraton Lisboa, served soy-milk (yeah!) and had a panorama restaurant, where the above pictures were taken. Apart from the stunning views, I was a bit sad to see foie gras on the menu. But on the other hand, they also had a vegan starter and side salad. This starter was one of the most beautifully designed meals I ever had: mixed garden veggies and silken tofu served on mashed peas with a dollop of sweet potato ice cream – yum!


For the perfect contrast to that fancy dish: Pizza in a little pizza place without cheese. I’d never thought I would like it, but it’s a delicious, filling and widely available option when eating out.


I was super happy to find an almost-vegan place in the city centre: Jardim das Cerejas. They served a nice lunch buffet including seitan, salads, quiches and other delicacies for just 7 Euros or so. The only non-vegan item was the yoghurt sauce.


We also did the traditional ‘Fado’ restaurant: A restaurant where they sing Portugese folk songs for about 15 min, then break for 15 min, and then start singing again. Make sure you don’t talk during the performances, otherwise the singers will stop ;) Even though my food wasn’t the best I ever had, I enjoyed having such a big plate of veggies (and chips, haha).


The last evening was celebrated with some good old gin tonic at the hotel bar :)


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3 thoughts on “Vegan Lisboa – eating vegan in Lisbon

  1. I find if you put some olive oil on top the pizza and sprinkle a little salt it is the same effect as cheese and fools the mind/taste buds :)

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