My 2nd vegan birthday: Still lovin’ cakes!


Browsing through my drafts, I noticed that I haven’t shared my birthday pictures on the blog yet – so here you are!

After my first vegan birthday last year, I celebrated my second vegan birthday (and my 26th ‘real’ birthday) at home again. After a wonderful house party in Berlin, where I was so busy chatting, mingling and having fun that I didn’t even take pictures (I thought that’s impossible!), I went back home to my parents’ and had some friends and family over for cake and dinner. See below what I cooked and baked…

Cakes & Cupcakes

My new favourite: Berry Jam Cheesecake.

Cheesecake_2 Cheesecake_1

My old favourite: Easy Chocolate Cake, made according to this recipe but with nuts and without cranberries.

Triple C

Another easy and delicious one: Coco Cinnamon Carrot Cake.

Quadruple C

A new creation: Lime Yoghurt Cupcakes with a green topping (more about my cupcake toppings here).

Lemon Yoghurt Cupcakes Cupcakes_6 Kopie

Standard Chocolate Cupcakes with berry frosting.




Savoury food

Little wraps made of half a wheat tortilla filled with roasted veggies, smoked tofu, lettuce and mango chili sauce. My aunt had the nice idea to use chives to wrap them up.


Super delicious “ricotta” made from cashews (recipe from Nicole Just’s “La Veganista” cookbook).


Easy puff pastry rolls filled with veggies and tomato sauce.


We also had Mediterranean pasta and bulgur salads, nachos, tsatsiki, hummus and salsa. This was how a full plate looked like…


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9 thoughts on “My 2nd vegan birthday: Still lovin’ cakes!

  1. Happy, happy belated birthday :-)
    Und hier virtuell freue ich mich auf viele weitere tolle Rezepte.

    Viele Grüße

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