Guilt-free Oatmeal Raisin Cookies with Cinnamon & Almonds


Do you also like a good old, outside-crunchy-inside-soft cookie? My recent trip to the US really inspired me – I loved the cinnamon raisin bagels everywhere and I’ve also seen a lot of oatmeal products. Back at home, I thought I’d try to combine these flavours as a nice way to be reminded of my last holiday. I also aimed for a healthy, pure recipe, so I chose whole-grain flour and nuts as a base, just a bit agave syrup instead of sugar and the overwhelming natural sweetness of the raisins. It worked out perfectly!

Paket & Schale

For two trays and about 24 medium cookies 

  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • 1 cup shredded almonds or other nuts
  • 1 cup raisins (or other dried fruit like cranberries or plums)
  • 1.5 cups whole-grain flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 2 tbsp soy-flour mixed with 7-8 tbsp water*
  • spices: ground vanilla (or essence), 1 tsp cinnamon, pinch of salt
  • 0.5 cup rapeseed oil or coconut
  • 0.25 cup agave syrup or other preferred sweetener
  • 0.25 cup water or plant milk

* If you don’t have soy-flour, just use one of the following binding options:

  • 1 ripe, mashed banana
  • 2 tbsp finely ground flax seeds mixed with 6 tbsp water
  • 5 tbsp apple sauce
  • egg substitution for 2 eggs (e.g. “NoEgg”)


Prepare the binding mixture (center): Put soy-flour in a glass or bowl, add water and stir until well combined, set aside. Put all dry ingredients in a bowl and mix with a spoon. Add the liquid ingredients and the egg, then blend with a hand mixer.


Preheat the oven to 175 °C (350 °F) and line two baking trays with parchment paper. Form the cookies with your hands and put them on the tray, leaving enough space between them. Bake for about 10-12 minutes until slightly golden, but still soft when you touch them. Let cool on a rack and put them in an airtight container. Sorry to tell you: They taste best the next day, so be patient and then – enjoy!



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