Veganskt Sverige – eating vegan in Stockholm

Recently, I’ve been to Stockholm for a week, and I just wanted to share the wonderful food I had there with you.

Although I can’t say that much about the whole ‘vegan scene’, Sweden seems quite a nice place for people with allergies. A lot of dishes and products are marked as ‘gluten-/lactose-/dairy-/nut- or soy-free’ in restaurants, hotels or shops. Nobody frowns upon you if you ask what’s exactly in your food, and if someone looked a bit puzzled when I said ‘vegan please’, I just explained that I’d like my food vegetarian, dairy- and egg-free, simple as.


[View from the Stadshus – sorry for the bad quality of all the pictures, I only had my phone with me.]

It wasn’t a problem at all to order vegan food at the more elegant restaurants that usually serve almost only fish and beef. It even seemed to me that the chefs were happy about the chance to create something different from the standard menu – at least that’s what I heard about chefs at better restaurants AND what I concluded after having such delicious and creative dishes : )

Fem Sma Hus

Pea and potato terrine with ratatouille and spinach sauce as a main, lemon and strawberry sorbet as dessert at Fem Sma Hus, a wonderful restaurant in Stockholm’s old town. It has five floors DOWNSTAIRS, so you go down to the basements to have your food. It’s in a traditional old Stockholm house where a lot of the buildings have several basements. This was actually their vegetarian dish on the menu which conveniently turned out to be vegan anyway.


This is what I found in the normal standard supermarket at the trainstation – so happy! There seem to be a lot more soy- and plant-based milk, yoghurt and cheese options in Sweden because of the allergy awareness, I guess.


Vegan three-course menu that the chefs at Prinsen created for me: Asparagus salad as a starter (top right), butter beans, roast potatoes and veggie skewer on herbs and lettuce, and rhubarb sorbet. I’ve never been a huge fan of asparagus, white beans and rhubarb, but this menu really convinced me!

Koh Phangan (1)

Not so fancy, still super delicious and real Thai: Red curry at Koh Phangan, one of the most authentic, colourful and craziest Thai restaurants I’ve ever been. The style was supposed to be like the Full Moon Party, and as I’ve been there a few years ago – yes, this restaurant is the closest you can get to Full Moon in Europe!

Koh Phangan (2)

This was at Södermalm, but they also have a second one in Eastern Stockholm. Both of them look like that ; )


Finally – a traditional Swedish cinnamon roll (‘Kanelbullar’) in a vegan version. And finally in a vegan-vegetarian place, the cute little Café Fleminggatan. Thanks to the Happy Cow App, I found this gem right around the corner of our hotel.


Super delicious, spontaneously created three-course menu at Stadshuskällaren starting with raw green and white asparagus salad with sautéed tomatoes, followed by an interesting main: A quarter cabbage steemed in a bag until soft, topped with different kinds of raw and cooked mushrooms which I’ve neither eaten nor seen before. Delish! The dessert was a glazed pear topped with little biscuits, raspberries and orange pieces that were cooked and cooled down three times, turning them into sweet jelly-like cubes. This restaurant has quite a taste for unconventional preparation methods!


And a drink at the Icebar: Vodka with lingonberry juice, a traditional Swedish cranberry-like fruit.  Tack så mycket for having me, Stockholm!


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