Roundup: Cake Sale, Christmas & New Year’s


Oh, it’s been a while since my last post… The last weeks have been busy and exciting – my first cake sale at the Voodoo Market, Christmas preparations and actually going home for Christmas, moving in with my boyfriend, New Year’s and then I’ve been off to a week of snowboarding in Austria. Well, to sum it all up, here are some pretty pictures for you.

Cake Sale at Voodoo Market


[Photos by Luisa Böhle]

On the 7th of December, I had my first cake sale at a designer flea market, the Voodoo Market in Friedrichshain, Berlin. A friend of mine, designer Antoniya Ivanova (check out her wonderful work here) suggested to hand in my application as a food seller and a few days later the lovely girls from Voodoo Market got back to me. Planning, shopping, preparing, baking and decorating, getting everything packed, arranging the stall and actually selling all the goodies was a lot of work, but even more fun. I’ve created about 220 single pieces to sell and eat and spent more than 14 hours in the kitchen the day before, but it was worth it. Thanks to every customer and especially to all the friends and colleagues who swung by!


My little stall.


Winter Brownies, made out of the Triple C dough minus the cranberries plus spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. [Photo by Lisa Timmermann]

Cheese Cake

‘Cheese’ Cake Tartlets from this recipe. [Left photo by Lisa Timmermann]

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake with almonds, coconut and cinnamon – recipe here.

Wild Berry Cupcakes

Wild Berry Cupcakes made from plain Triple C dough and topped with a buttercream from frozen berries, red currant and chocolate nibs. [Photo by Lisa Timmermann]

I even had to build a little cupcake tent to transport them safely in my car… ; )

Cupcake Tent

I’ve also made some cupcakes with a frosting made out of caramel cookie buttercream, using this spread as a flavour.

Caramel Cookie Cupcakes

[Photo by Lisa Timmermann]


[Photos by Lisa Timmermann]

It was a wonderful day with wonderful customers! Thanks to Lisa and Luisa who took so many great pictures.

Christmas at Vegänsch’s home

Well, I can only say that I’m super happy with my open-minded family! On Christmas Eve, we had a vegan (for me) and vegetarian (for the rest, because of the cheese) raclette dinner. It’s a traditional Swiss dish where you put different ingredients like veggies and meat (we used vegan sausages and gyros) in a little pan and grate it with cheese under a little grill.



On the 25th, we went to my aunt’s and uncle’s place and she – even though she’s not vegan – served us the best all-vegan three-course menu ever. Wow, we were so impressed! You’re the best, Jani.


The menu started with…

Apple Champagne

…Apple Champagne as an aperitif…

Beetroot Soup

…and beetroot soup with papaya gnocchi and tofu cream as a starter…


…followed by potato dumplings (‘Knödel’) with mushrooms and cream…


…with a fresh ‘Feldsalat’.

Cashew Panna Cotta

The dessert was a Panna Cotta made out of cashews and berries and it all ended with a drinkable vinegar instead of a digestif. Paradise!


New Year’s

We’ve spent New Year’s Eve at a friend’s place with an all-vegan potluck. We had traditional Greek food like pita (pastry filled with macaroni and vegetables) and tsatsiki, German potatoe salad, hummus (recipe here), gyros, vegetable pie, kale salad (my new favourite!) and even some green couscous, coloured with mint and parsley.


For dessert, we had American apple pie and mousse au chocolate made with silken tofu.


At midnight, we enjoyed the view from the 5th floor over Neukölln…


I hope you all had a great Christmas time and I wish you a great belated Happy 2014!


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4 thoughts on “Roundup: Cake Sale, Christmas & New Year’s

  1. Congratulations on your successful stall at the Voodoo Market.
    Glad to hear you had a good Christmas with your family. We wish you a happy and exciting 2014.
    Glynis & Karol

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