Easy fig & berry dessert – fruity, healthy & pink


As I’m writing this post, there’s a wonderful pink and purple sky outside – perfect time for a quick and healthy, fruity and creamy pink dessert! From September to November, figs are sold everywhere in German shops, fresh from nearby France. So I grabbed a pair to combine them with berry sorbet and soy-yoghurt. That’s it!

This wonderful idea came from a work colleague who invited us for dinner a few weeks ago – and besides the normal menu, she prepared an extra vegan three-course menu just for me! Thanks again, Kerstin : )

You need for two servings:

  • 150g mixed frozen berries
  • a bit of plant milk
  • agave syrup or other sweetener to taste
  • about 200g soy-yoghurt
  • 1 to 2 fresh figs

Put the berries, a little bit of plant milk and agave syrup to taste in a high bowl and blend with a hand blender until you have a creamy ice cream/sorbet.


Cut up these beautiful figs…


Put the sorbet in glasses, add soy-yoghurt and top with sliced figs.


And this is how it looks a few minutes later… ; )


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