It took 25 years, but better late than never: My first vegan birthday!

Here it is, the all-vegan birthday cake buffet and two-course dinner for my family and friends at my home-home (Fauerbach, near Frankfurt, my parents’ home and where I grew up). No big new recipes, sorry, but I wanted to share these lovely photos with you – maybe they motivate you to celebrate a vegan birthday as well : ) (If you wanna read more about my way to veganism, click here.)

It really took some time to do the research, decide about the recipes and what kind of food I wanted to make. It needed some planned shopping at different places cause I can’t buy all the fancy vegan things at my home-village like I can do in Berlin. And it required some patience to convince my parents that I will have a vegan birthday, and would – more importantly – turn their kitchen into a crazy mess for two days…

But the one and a half days of shopping and preparing, most of the time together with my Mum, were fun and even relaxing (as I mentioned in a previous post, preparing food is like a relax therapy for me).

I had about 15 people around over the day and we started with a cake buffet. This is the Triple C with a simple frosting made of margarine, icing sugar and raspberry syrup plus blueberries…


Here’s a Russischer Zupfkuchen (‘Russian twitch cake’) without the ‘twitchs’ (it usually has some chocolate dough flakes on top, but we forgot – instead, there’s a cute little I-have-to-check-if-it’s-ready-fingerprint of my Mum’s thumb on it, haha). It’s the Puddingtörtchen recipe with 250g more vanilla soy-yoghurt, so about 750g in total, for the filling. The baking time also increases to about 50 minutes. Rest is the same!


Simple but tasty – a strawberry biscuit cake with a simple vegan biscuit crust (just google and translate it, you’ll find plenty of easy recipes – I’m sorry I don’t know the exact translation for this special kind of dough). The topping consisted of strawberries and vegan fruit cake glaze which was coloured with cherry juice. I served soy whipped cream on the side. Surprisingly ninety percent of my guests stated that it tasted senstational,  making the whipped cream one of today’s most popular ‘dishes’ ; )


My favourite cake, even though the chocolate crust broke a bit while cutting… Donauwelle! A very traditional German cake recipe, meaning ‘wave of the river Donau’, with a dark and yellow cake dough base, sour cherries, vanilla pudding cream and dark chocolate. The recipe I used was veganised by Vegan Guerilla. Mum and I forgot to mix the margarine in the pudding layer, but that turned out to be a ‘good mistake’ – it was less filling and greasy, therefore left some room for more cake!


My photogenic favourites: Cupcakes made from Triple C dough and the same simple pink frosting from the cake above. If you’re doing a cupcake version of the Triple C, reduce the baking time a bit to prevent them from drying out.


Before dinner, I served some appetizers – puff pastry squares, made after a simple recipe from a German recipe collection. Just get some puff pastry, brush a thin layer of some soy-milk on the dough, put tomato slices and olives on it and cut into pieces (before baking!). I used a self-made pesto (made from cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, basil, parsley, lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper, mixed with a hand blender) and sprinkled it on top.


Dinner was my standard vegan lasagna in the best version ever – recipe soon to come! Sorry for teasing you, but this recipe is just so good that it’s worth a separate post. Meanwhile, check out our very vegan cat Nelly – chewing on a bunch of flowers instead of chasing mice ; )


Not only Nelly enjoyed the day. I had a great time with my friends and family, they liked the food and were really interested in my vegan diet. It sounds sentimental, but this made me so happy – seeing everybody enjoying the food, asking how I did this and that, and showing interest in veganism. Thank you for a wonderful day!


On the picture: Busy new-vegan chef in the red-striped top (my Mum), my lovely grandparents (top left), two of my best friends and me (top right), and my very interested and supportive aunt (below in the middle). x

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3 thoughts on “It took 25 years, but better late than never: My first vegan birthday!

  1. Ich möchte ein Stück Donauwelle, und ein Stück Käsekuchen. Ich liebe Käsekuchen! Aber vorher noch ein Stück Lasagne. Aaaber eine Frage noch: Wie kann denn deine Lasagne noch besser sein als sonst? ;)

  2. Haha, kannst du alles haben – komm schnell nach Nidda, ist von allem noch was da (und noch gut und schmackhaft – die längere Haltbarkeit als weiterer Vorteil von veganen Lebensmitteln sollte definitiv stärker ‘vermarktet’ werden ;)). Ich war auch überrascht, dass ich die Lasagne noch etwas ‘pimpen’ konnte – und zwar hatte ich mehr Zeit als gedacht und habe mich an eine weiße Soße (und zwar mehr als nur Sojasahne drüberschütten ;)) gewagt. Hab mich ein bisschen im Internet und bei vegan lecker lecker inspirieren lassen und dann hab ich einfach Sojamilch mit relativ viel Mehl, Wasser, Sojasahne, Hefeflocken, etwas Öl und Gewürzen aufgekocht ;) x

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